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ADA Professional Publications Personnel and Contacts

Vice President, Professional Publications
Christian S. Kohler

Managing Director, Professional Publications
Heather Norton Blackburn

Associate Director, Professional Publications
Production & Design

Keang Hok

Digital Production Manager, Scholarly Journals
Amy Moran

Associate Director, Scholarly Journals
Editorial Operations

Tessa Cooper

Technical Editor, Scholarly Journals
Sandro Vitaglione

Clinical Diabetes and Diabetes Spectrum
Managing Editor
Debbie Kendall, Kendall Editorial

Director, Book Editorial Operations
Victor Van Beuren

Associate Director, Book Production
John Clark

Editorial & Production Manager, Professional Publications
Meaghan Foley

Director, Scholarly Journals Peer Review
Shannon Potts

Diabetes Care Peer Review Manager
Larissa Pouch

Diabetes Peer Review Manager
Zora Nazarei

Clinical Diabetes and Diabetes Spectrum
Peer-Review Manager
Joan Garrett

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