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Perspectives in Clinical Diabetes May 18 2022
Improving Quality Outcomes: The Value of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists
Clinical Pharmacology Update May 18 2022
An Introduction to Tirzepatide
Practical Pointers May 9 2022
A Safe and Simple Algorithm for Adding and Adjusting Mealtime Insulin to Basal-Only Therapy
Feature Article April 4 2022
Can Faster Aspart be Used to Optimize Glycemic Control With Insulin Pump Therapy? From Expectations to Lessons Learned After a Year of Use in the United States
Feature Article March 31 2022
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Diabetes Care Among a North Carolina Patient Population
Feature Article March 29 2022
When Less is More: Identifying Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Engaging in Unnecessary Blood Glucose Monitoring
Feature Article March 28 2022
Role of Primary Care Clinicians in the Management of Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiorenal Diseases
Feature Article March 28 2022
Follow-Up Mental Health Care in Youth and Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes After Positive Depression Screen and/or Suicidal Ideation
Feature Article March 25 2022
Factors Associated With Improved A1C Values Among People With Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes
Feature Article March 25 2022
Evaluating the Implementation of a Digital Diabetes Prevention Program in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System Among Older Adults: Results of a Natural Experiment
Feature Article March 23 2022
Noninvasive, Blood-Based Biomarkers as Screening Tools for Hepatic Fibrosis in People With Type 2 Diabetes
Case Study March 16 2022
Impact of Insulin-Derived Amyloidosis on Glycemic Control and Insulin Dosing
Feature Article March 16 2022
Association Between Diabetes and the Risk of Kidney Cancer: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Feature Article March 16 2022
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Type 2 Diabetes Care Delivery
Commentary March 16 2022
Clinical Overbasalization Revisited
Feature Article March 16 2022
Assessment of the Relationship Between CD34 Antigen and Vitamin D Level and Insulin Resistance in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
Feature Article March 15 2022
Examination of Health Care Providers’ Use of Language in Diabetes Care: A Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis
Case Study March 14 2022
New-Onset Diabetes Presenting With Hyperosmolar Hyper glycemic State in a Lean Adolescent With Atypical Rett Syndrome Using Antipsychotics
Case Study March 9 2022
A Case of Dulaglutide-Induced Acute Interstitial Nephritis After Many Years of Treatment With an Alternate GLP-1 Receptor Agonist
Feature Article March 9 2022
Protecting the Kidneys: Update on Therapies to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy
Quality Improvement Success Story March 9 2022
Reducing Inpatient Hypoglycemic Events – A Focus on Mealtime Insulin
Feature Article February 16 2022
Variation in Patient-Described Barriers to and Facilitators of Diabetes Management by Individual-Level Characteristics: A Cross-Sectional, Open-Ended Survey
Case Study February 15 2022
Could Overt Diabetes Be Triggered by Abuse of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators and Growth Hormone Secretagogues? A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Feature Article January 28 2022
A Cross-Sectional Study of Quality of Life Among Brazilian Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Treated With Insulin Glargine: Findings and Implications
Feature Article January 24 2022
Cross-Sectional Study Concerning the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of People With Diabetes Regarding the Prevention of Foot Ulcers in a Community
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