To assess the relationship between the glucose management indicator (GMI) and HbA1c in non-White individuals with diabetes.


We performed a retrospective analysis of continuous glucose monitoring metrics in individuals with diabetes divided by race into non-White and White cohorts.


We evaluated 316 individuals (non-White n = 68; White n = 248). Although GMI was not different (7.6 vs. 7.7; P = not significant) between the cohorts, HbA1c was higher in the non-White cohort (8.7% vs. 8.1%; P = 0.004). HbA1c higher than GMI by ≥0.5% was more frequently observed in the non-White cohort (90% vs. 75%; P = 0.02). In the non-White cohort only, duration of hypoglycemia was longer among those with HbA1c higher than GMI by ≥0.5% compared with those with HbA1c and GMI within 0.5%.


A differential relationship between HbA1c and GMI in non-White versus White individuals with diabetes was observed. In non-White individuals, a greater difference between HbA1c and GMI was associated with higher risk of hypoglycemia.

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